Monday, July 12, 2004

Ron Reagan, Jr.: Grieving Son or Pompous Ass?

True to the Democratic Playbook, we now learn that Ron Reagan, Jr. will speak at the Democratic National Convention. This is a man who used his father's death to make a stab at president Bush during the eulogy. This is the lowest form of treachery because his father's body is still warm in the ground.

Townhall posts a good piece by Robert Novak. In it he includes a rebuttal 1from William F. Buckley in the New York Times Magazine demonstrating how junior is looking for another 15 minutes of fame by being dishonest:
RR Jr.: The nude picture of his sister Patti in Playboy was "just something that is not too exciting."

WFB: "Why then was there so much excitement about it?"

RR Jr.: As for his father's reaction when he dropped out of Yale to join the ballet, "That was fine with him."

WFB: "It wasn't fine with him and he enlisted my aid in trying to persuade you to stay in college."

RR Jr.: Having three cats while being childless "is like having children."

WFB: "No, it's not like having children."

RR Jr.: As to whether his mother helps him out financially, "Of course not. My father felt that children should make their own way."

WFB: "I know, and you know that I know, something about that question. But to say that 'of course' your mother does not help you out suggests she will not do so even if there were a need. Are you saying she would not acknowledge you in her will?"

RR Jr.: As to the Abu Ghraib prison abuses, "How can Christians tolerate it?"

WFB: "I don't know of any Christians who 'tolerate it.' The perpetrators are reviled."

RR Jr.: In an answer to a question, he said he did not vote for Bush in the last election.

WFB: "Odd that you should permit this invasion of privacy whose only purpose is to remark the political infidelity of the son of Ronald Reagan."

RR Jr.: His father "worked hard to impress upon his children the value of kindness."

WFB: "If he did, he was manifestly unsuccessful."

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