Thursday, July 15, 2004

Fundamental Flaws

President Bush, demonized by the NAACP, made the correct decision to snub them; he accepted an invitation to speak to the Urban League. This will shine a spotlight on a problem my community refuses to face: not all black people think alike! Bush is always well received in black churches and I suspect that he will use the speech at the Urban League to demonstrate a growing division amongst blacks.

The call of "disenfranchisement" applies not to the Florida 2000 recount, but the realization that when your vote is predetermined by your race no one needs to address your issues. Democrats promise black people the world, but in the last 40 years all we've seen is increased poverty, self-hating culture and the destruction of families. Blacks accuse Republicans of being racist because they do not court the black vote--but surely we must realize that Republicans view this as an excersise in futility.

Many black youth are seeking solutions to their problems outside the Democratic Party. Bill Cosby speaks to the culture war my community is losing but does not address the fundamental flaw lies squarely with the doctrine of liberal ideology: let the government do it for you. Republicans follow the doctrine laid out in the Bible: it's better to teach a man to fish than to just feed him one day.

Understanding this reveals why Democrats ridicule black Republicans because they became successful without giving white liberals the ability to relieve some of their "White Man's Guilt." Please check out some good columns:

Education Sec. Paige Blasts NAACP Leaders

Black Conservative to Rebut NAACP Leader's Remarks Against Black Conservatives in C-Span Interview

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