Monday, July 05, 2004

Fuck Me and My Family

I just watched Charles Rangel on Harball with Chris Matthews bemoaning military recruitment in minority communities. Ignore the fact that only 13% of the casualties in Iraq were minorities (where minorities make up 30% of the total US population); the Democrats and Michael Moore want you to believe that the military only offers demise and death to minorities that choose to defend this nation for the promise of something better.

I agree, to a point, that if the only option of a college education for minorities lies in military service, there is a problem. But this is totally untrue and I will talk about my family's long service to country to counter this.

My father is black and my mother is white. Both of my grandfathers fought for this nation in the Korean war. My father's father joined the military after spending his childhood as a black youth growing up in rural Texas. Shortly after enlisting, my grandfather was stationed in Japan. He then fought in the Korean war. Two of his children (my father and my uncle) also joined the military as officers. My uncle went to West Point for two years before deciding active duty was not for him. My father, rejected from West Point for his eye-sight, joined ROTC at Univeristy of Arizona and retired as a Lt. Colonel in the US military.

In two generations, the Arnwines went from rural, poor farm hands in Texas to having a Sgt. Major who begat two officers in the US military. My father did more for me than any person could expect from parents--and he did this because of the opportunties provided to him from the military. His Masters' degree in Systems Engineering from UoA was paid for by the military. He enjoys an after-retirement career working for Developmental Test Command at Aberdeen proving ground in Maryland working on such projects as missile defense.

I want Charlie Rangle to speak to my grandfather, all five of his chilren (including my father with a master's degree and my aunt Terrea with a law degree) about how the military only stalks minorities as cannon fodder. My father fought in the first Gulf War and in Somalia. My family did not participate in the "social experiement" military when it became nothing more than a social welfare system: a military where many of it's participants are "pissed off" that they actually have to go to war like those cowards that ran to Canada.

What the fuck? Military people that are pissed off because they have to fight??? Be told! The Democrats do not want an army that fights; they want a military, not bound by the constitution, that they can use as an experiment in socialism. They want women generals--who have never seen combat--giving orders to bridages that have. They want to use the military as their arch-type for universal health care. They want the military to demonstrate the need for socialized college education. A democratic administration will send you on more missions like Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia and other places to do social experimentation.

So fuck me and my family for seeing that the military offered chances at education and success that the federal government (even with the civil rights legislation and affirmative action) could not offer.

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