Wednesday, November 17, 2004

See Slide 2

More WMD! Who would have guessed that the Marines would find Sarin gas in Fallujah.

I am just so disgusted with liberals right now...what did they want a big ass sign that said WMD here! A brightly lit grocery store with all kinds of WMD tagged and labeled for us to destroy?

But here again, MORE WMD.

Remember all those studies that showed that us republican red-staters were stupid because we STILL believed Saddam posessed weapons of mass destruction even though the New York Times and the Washington Post told us they were not there? Maybe the Dems lost to people who believe in patience and investigation--not splashy headlines.

A reader at Captain's Quarters points out the warning labels are written in Russian and German. Go to the USA today website referenced above and look at it up close.


paul said...

Aaron, first of all, the studies didn't say anyone was stupid. They just reported facts.

They also didn't ask if the respondent believed there to be WMD in Iraq. They asked if the respondent believed WMD had BEEN FOUND in Iraq.

The main question, though, was weather or not they believed Iraq was behind 9/11. Still clinging to that theory?

Anonymous said...

So, I guess you are all ready to go enlist, huh? We were told that Iraq was an immediate threat to the United States. That has never been true. Bush simply lied to congress so he could proceed with a plan that was in the works before he was even in office. That is treason. They may have been a threat to Israel, but that is Israel's problem. Get down there kid! Sign up and go get them 'merica haters! BTW, that isn't enough sarin to be considered "WMD". Try again.

paul said...

Learn the law. Lying to Congress for any reason other than trying to betray the United States isn't treason.

Anonymous said...

I have read since this picture aired that this is a tester for the presence of Sarin gas and other biologicals. One has to wonder why they would have this test since they know the USA would never use biologicals. Bush did not lie about WMD's or 9/11. If you bothered to read the 9/11 report intelligence was telling Clinton and Bush that their were WMD's. If you read the food for oil report you will also see that Sadaam was in the process of lifting sanctions to continue working on his WMD's. Clinton, Kerry and others have stated publicly that Sadaam had WMD's and was an international threat. Many sources have been quoted that WMD's went across the border to Syria and hid in tunnels. Do any of you find it interesting that Iran is now cultivating Uranium anyone wonder where that came from? Wonder why the UN did not want to take a stand on this? Refer back to oil for food. Even the UN is admitting today that this is far reaching and their will be criminal indictments. Iraq used biological weapons on their own people and used biologicals on Iran. People need to wake up and smell the "death in the air". Read some actual reports that are out there. Check out some of the websites made by the Iraqi's that are looking forward to their elections and building homes and buying cars and going to work for a living wage. The Iraqi's say the only people that are not happy about the US being in Iraq are those few that had it good under Sadaam's corruption and the extremists. The Iraqi's were following our election and praying for a Bush win to continue helping them. It is poor form for our country to not stand up for those who have been tormented by a heartless dictator and in turn insinuate that our military are not on a just mission. They are there with the people of Iraq and most feel their work is necesary and just.

paul said...

Let me introduce to the discussion a concept called "time." It is something that occurs during the course of the day. As "time" passes, "events" happen.

As a result, one can not say that having had WMD during the Clinton and Bush Sr. administrations is the same thing as having WMD during the Bush Jr. administration.

Interesting dynamic this thing called "time" adds to the discussion.

STCA said...

To Anon, Bush specifically said that Iraq WAS NOT an iminent threat...but he would not sit by and let threats gather.

The Oil for Food for Money for Terrorists scandal at the UN shows that threats were gathering.

Please, take your righteousness and explain to the dead Israelis whose killers were paid by Saddam Hussein that he should have stayed in power because he wasn't a "true" threat.

Our interests in this world lie beyond our borders. We were attacked by Japan, but then went to war in Europe. Narrow minds, like that of Richard Clarke and Jamie Gorelick, never saw past the current incident or latest memo or legislation.

Liberals always talk about Bush as if he thinks the world is only the US. In fact, he and his administration have proven that he sees the entire world and looks far into its future--not just what lies ahead in the next few months or year.

If Clinton could have done that he would have taken Usama when the Sudanese offered him to us.

STCA said...

Paul, it's funny you mention "time." Last time I checked the liberals were the ones that want everything to happen immediately. Two days into Afghanistan: are we in a quagmire? Two weeks before Iraq: are we in a quagmire? Two weeks into Iraq: who come we haven't won over all the people and are having elections right now.

Did you know that 1000 Americans lost their lives in the first year of reconstruction in Germany from Nazi holdouts?

You are so don't understand the concept of "time" because you refuse to believe that to accomplish something it TAKES TIME.

paul said...

Aaron, please stop assuming I've believe things simply because these things appear in the media.

For the record, I said before the invasion Iraq would take at least five, probably 10 years, and maybe 20. Seeing as Iraq had no history being an organic nation, as Germany did.

I never said Afganistan was another Vietnam, a quagmire, or anything of the kind. I do think policy in both Iraq and Afganistan should be carefully thought out, however, to avoid that trap. For more on this problem during US military interventions, allow me to refer you to statements W. Bush made during the 2000 campaign about not being the world's babysitter. He didn't want to stay out of other countries affairs because intervention is easy.

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