Monday, November 15, 2004

The Next Month of Headlines

At the New York Times will be about this marine that apparently murdered an Iraqi terrorist faking death.

There are many reasons to think the marine was justified to shoot the person just to make sure he's dead and not holding onto a grenade or hiding a gun--how many times have we seen a horror movie and said, "empty the clip in the mother fucker, then get an ax and chop him to bits then burn him so he can't come back to life and kill you later."

But this isn't a horror movie and this is quite serious. If he suspected the terrorist was faking it, then he could have shot him in the foot and if he moved then they could have attacked him and subdued him. I suspect the media is going to spin this out of control: this is the leg of the impeachment screed the democrats are going to use.


paul said...

What if one of Saddam Hussein's soldiers had killed an American under the same circumstances? Is there any doubt you'd call it a war crime?

cohee said...

John kerry got a Silver Star and a pass from the msm for shooting an wounded vc in the back.

Anonymous said...

Any man between 15 and 40 left in that area was an enemy combatant. If he does not place his hands over his head and surrender, he got what he deserved.

Anonymous said...


You simply do not shoot someone to wound him. If you shoot, you shoot to kill.

This marine was carrying out his duty and trying to stay alive another day. He does not need some ignorant c*nt like you second guessing his actions.

What are your combat credentials, bigmouth?

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