Thursday, November 11, 2004

One more Dead Terrorist!

I hope Arafat receives the same treatment in death he gave to Jews in life.


paul said...

I prefer he get the same treatment he gave Palestinians in life, myself.

nuno said...

You Americans always think you know everything dont ya...? The jews are great aren't they? Wowow! Praise the jews!
If it wasn't for them middle east would be at little quietter...


paul said...

We don't think we know everything, we know we know everything.

Like, foreigners want our culture so much you're willing to pay for it. They also like our prescription drugs so much they're willing to break the law to get it to their citizens, when you're to cheap to pay less than American citizens ourselves pay for it. And you willing to risk death to come here to make money to send home to your children.

Meanwhile, most of the world can't even practice birth control without advice from our free programs. Hell, you even import our religion.

So if America is arrogent, do us a favor, and try ignoring us for awhile. To start with, stop buying our stuff. Can't do it, can you?

STCA said...

Couldn't have said it better myself, Paul.

Obviously the reader doesn't understand that Arafat is the Godfather of modern terrorism and that his tactics are being mimicked by al Queda.

paul said...

Thanks friend. Criticizing Israeli's policy towards the West Bank is one thing, but when I hear terms like "the Jews", to me it echoes all kinds of other nasty sh*t we hear too much of already, including and especially calling all Arabs "terrorists."

Obvoiusly that cat was a racist of some sort, and I say good riddance.

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