Thursday, November 11, 2004

21st Century Baseball

From Sports Illustrated:
In the craziest play of October, Alex Rodriguez was called out for interference. New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman agreed the umpires were correct to overturn their original ruling.

"They got it completely right, 100 percent," Cashman said this week.

"But you would hate to have a game, or a series or even a season come down to a play where they miss it and instant replay could have helped. So as far as instant replay, I'm in favor of it."
NFL has it, what do you think of baseball having it?


paul said...

I am, but I'm not.

Pat said...

In favor of the concept in general, but right now they need to speed the games up a bit, not slow them down. If baseball would take care of some other problems (like limiting the number of times a pitcher can throw to a base to keep the runner close, like reducing all the late-inning pitching changes), then maybe we could talk about instant replay.

paul said...

Pat's nuanced view endangers us all.

Limiting throwing to first or changing pitures would be hard to do, and not save time in all games. Plus, it would cost revenue. If they're willing to sacrifice revenue, let the game run at it's own pace (football too), with no commercial time outs, and let the networks worry about their own problems with timing.

Saving time could also be done by calling balls on pitchers who step off, and strikes on batters who step out (excessively).

Anonymous said...

Paul, I'd go along with your two suggestions as well. Bill James commented recently about Mike Hargrove, a 1980s ballplayer who used to be called the Human Rain Delay, and said that if he played today, nobody would comment on his antics because everybody does it.

As for limiting throwing to first, it wouldn't be hard to do. Say that you get a free throw to try to pick off any baserunner at any base, but the second time if you don't succeed he's awarded second. You could do something similar with the reliever conga line; say that a reliever brought in in mid-inning can only be replaced after he has faced at least three batters or given up a run.

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