Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Bono is on O'Reilly and is totally respectable. He is completely bipartisan and making the issue of saving Africans from the scourge of AIDS. Bono gets a gold star (like Ben Affleck) for not being a bomb-thrower.


kitty said...

I was struct by the same thing about Bono. And I was pleased that he spoke well of Republicans.

Have you heard what Alan Keyes said about Cheney's daughter (Mary?)? I like Keyes, but what he said was mean and uncalled for.

STCA said...

Alan Keyes is not the man he once was--and I think 9/11 and the issue with justices has hardened his heart. And he is pandering to blacks in Illinois with the talk of reparations. Hmmm.

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