Monday, August 30, 2004

Is Simplicity Best or Simply the Easiest?

That's the first line of one of Depeche Mode's greatest songs, "Judas," off the album, Songs of Faith and Devotion.

Newsweek publishes a decently fair article outlining Bush's leadership style. The positives are found futher into the article (of course), but it's intelligently written and I think--in total--very fair.One thing is clear:
This is not a president who is inclined to second-guess himself. National security adviser Condoleezza Rice described Bush as the anchor of the White House team, a man who recognizes that big, strategic decisions will bring with them good times and bad times and who is not distracted by news coverage that can fluctuate by the day or even by the hour. "If you had a president who was doing that" — watching the polls and the daily headlines — "the country would be in a deep trouble," she said.

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adamlewis7609 said...

hmmm someone likes depeche mode??

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