Friday, June 18, 2004

Nancy Pelosi? Or the Joker?

There are few successful women that need to be pimp-slapped...but this Baltimore native is heading toward the front of the line (although she is still behind Maxine Waters).

The woman whose "policy initiatives" resort to simple name-calling decided to introduce a brand new package of tax incentives to stimulate job creation and economic growth.

What's that?? Tax incentives? True to form, the "American Jobs Plan" bill is plagerized from an assortment of republican bills that were already passed (with democrats voting against them)!

CNSNews did an excellent rebuttal piece:

"The irony of this whole re-packaged plan of Republican ideas is that one, Democrats are already on the record opposing some of these initiatives; and two, this is not a 'new' plan at all," NRCC Communications Director Carl Forti said in a press release.

"Republicans recognized the need for legislative action and passed bills years and months ago to help create jobs and to continue economic growth."

"Our plan is focused on the future," Pelosi said in a June 16 press release. "It creates two new tax incentives targeted to companies that will create new jobs in the United States." The NRCC points to legislation -- H.R. 2 -- which created tax credits for American businesses, a proposal that 198 Democrats voted against.

Pelosi said the Democrats' job plan also "invests in our people through job training and education."" Well, said the NRCC, HR 1261 expanded job training programs, but 193 Democrats voted against it.

Pelosi said the Democrats' plan "will create new technologies -- and new, high-paying jobs -- by supporting research and development." According to the NRCC, HR 238 addressed investment in new technology, research and development to create jobs -- but 154 Democrats voted against it.

Pelosi said the Democrats' plan "would pay for itself by repealing $125 billion in existing tax breaks for large, multi-national corporations that do not create American jobs" (companies that outsource jobs, in other words).

"To stop the hemorrhaging of American jobs, we must close these tax loopholes, invest in our people, and create the new technologies that will lead to tomorrow's jobs," Pelosi said at the press conference.

"Why would Democrats espouse Republican ideas in an election year?," the NRCC asked in a press release. Because those Republican ideas work, the NRCC concluded.

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