Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Where Are the Protestors?

What you see is Washington State's largest polluter, Mt. Saint Helens. So where are the environmental activists? Nature is doing more damage to our air than any factory, logging company or cars in Washington.

I think it's hilarious that people believe that the earth is so fragile that man can destroy it. In fact, that's one of the most arrogant assumptions around. This earth has survived asteroid impacts, fires that burned forests off entire continents, and volcanos that filled the skies with pollution that lasted hundreds of years (Vesuvius). Somehow man is going to destroy the planet. It will never happen. All man can do is make the environment unsuitable for habitation. If we exploded every chemical, biological and nuclear weapon in the world and killed every human being, guess what?

The earth would still be here!

And think about this? What will happen when we find out climate change is a direct result of...The Sun! How are we gonna tackle that one? It just demonstrates that the environmental movement is an anti-capitalist political movement based only on guilt--guilt of success and material wealth.

Of course we should just dump anything in rivers and not be responsible with the environment...but we must realize that environmentalism is not a science; it's politics. I could go further and say it's a secularist/humanist substitute for religion (aka "earth worship") but that's another post all together.


Stephen Denney said...

If, as you say, "All man can do is make the environment unsuitable for habitation," that in itself seems like a good reason to be concerned about environmental destruction.

STCA said...

You are absolutely correct. But the environmental movement isn't about our preservation. They would protest any war because of the environmental destruction--even if it would save lives.

They worship the asthetic view of the earth. If people were starving all over the world, they would object to eating animals on the endagered species list. It's not about us with environmentalists...

It's about everything BUT us.

Dih said...

Any war is good?

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