Sunday, December 12, 2004


Two weeks ago, we discovered that the military duped CNN into thinking the strike on Fallujah began a month before it really did. Before that, we discovered that more than 10,000 special forces troops infultrated Iraq months before the war began.

This raises a serious question: Are there REALLY only 130,000 troops in Iraq? Or is that what we want our enemies (Syria/Iran) to think? Could we not have black operations being undertaken by special forces in those countries as we speak?

People tend to believe that everything that happens in the world is on television or known to some politician or pundit. Look at the recent poisoning of the Ukrainian opposition leader by the freakin' KGB!!

This is what I believe:

1. There are at least 30,000 more troops in Iraq than the media knows about. This just makes sense. You want the enemy to believe that your forces are "stretched beyond belief" so that if they make a provacative move you cannot respond. No endeavor would bring us to that point with only 130,000 troops in one place and 10,000 in another when we have 435,000 ACTIVE DUTY (that does not include reserves and national guard).
2. We have a large number of troops operating in Pakistan, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. This is nothing new and not beyond past alliances. Remember, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were our secret allies against the Soviet Union during the Afghanistan war. The US and Saudia Arabia split the cost of the CIA operation with the Mujahadeen with Pakistan operating as the middleman for the transactions.
3. We know where Saddam's weapons of mass destruction are and are waiting until after the elections in Iraq to make the announcement that they are in Syria and were discovered by our special forces operations there (Bush wanted better intelligence than what Tenet gave him; we will have human intelligence on this).
4. The US is allowing minor attacks to take place to win over the Iraqis. I believe that fewer and fewer Iraqis feel they are under occupation with the Sunni (Saddam loyalists) and foreigners slaughtering Iraqis. They are seeing now that the enemy of the US is their enemy as well.

That's my attempt at ESP. What do you think?

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