Monday, December 06, 2004

Here's a Traitor

Everyone blasted Ann Coulter for writing a book on treason but never calling anyone a traitor. As a lawyer, she knew that if she did so, she would be sued for libel. But I am free to call anyone I want a traitor because I do not have the means to disrupt someone's livelihood that can be quantified in a dollar value.

Tom Hayden is a traitor. And a great article in today's Front Page Magazine illustrates this perfectly:
Today's anti-war movement models itself on the Vietnam protesters, and the movement's leaders include familiar faces. Tom Hayden has written an article, "How to End the War in Iraq," that outlines how to organize an effort to ensure that the United States is defeated in Iraq. The opening sentence: "The anti-war movement can force the Bush administration to leave Iraq by denying it the funding, troops, and alliances necessary to its strategy for dominance." Hayden next lauds the success of the anti-war movement within the Democratic Party and gives proof of its effectiveness. "The pressure of anti-war voices and the Kerry campaign led Bush to delay the request for a supplemental $75 billion appropriation, the assault on Falluja, and the U.S.-sponsored Iraqi elections until after Nov. 2." In other words, giving the enemy breathing room to regroup, delaying democracy for the Iraqi people, and denying our troops the funding they need are all triumphs for the protesters. But it's not enough. More must be done to make sure that American forces are defeated and forced to withdraw. Why? Because, "Once the election was over, the Bush administration turned Fallujah into a slaughterhouse." Here is enemy propaganda, pure and simple, breathtaking in its utter disregard for the truth about the gangsters who controlled Falluja and videotaped the beheadings of innocent people.

Hayden details his plan for Vietnam-like withdrawal from Iraq. "The first step is to build pressure at congressional district levels to oppose any further funding or additional troops for war. If members of Congress balk at cutting off all assistance and want to propose 'conditions' for further aid, it is a small step toward threatening funding. If only 75 members of Congress go on record against any further funding, that's a step in the right direction towards the exit." To accomplish this, the Democratic Party must be pushed into becoming the anti-war party. "The progressive activists of the party should refuse to contribute any more resources, volunteers, money, etc. to candidates or incumbents who act as collaborators." Note the use of the word "collaborators" -- meaning, of course, those who collaborate with the duly elected government of the United States.

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Anonymous said...

Tom Hayden and his former wife are considered to be traitors by many, many, many Americans. I think that in some way, his seditious comments should be brought to the attention of people in a position to publicize and generally make sure that the American people know what these anti-American pieces of excrement are doing. If it's kept in the dark, as I'm sure they hope it will be, then it cannot be treated as the treason it appears to be.

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