Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Act of God Means there Is no God?

This article uses the logic of a thirteen year old wondering why they must submit to the authority of their parents or that there will be consequences. So because a tragedy befalls the earth, then there is no God (or he is an evil being for exacting such a toll). "How can religious people explain this?" he asks.

He fails to understand that none of us are promised tomorrow and that some disasters are not punishment for sin, but a demonstration to humble an ever increasing arrogance among men--especially environmental freaks who are arrogant enough to believe we can destroy the earth.

Religion already explained THE flood that wiped out the entire population of the planet except for 8 people...so why does he pretend that people of faith cannot reconcile this disaster either?

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John Howard said...

Maybe he just means that a God that would let something like this happen can't possibly be as caring as the God a lot of religous people claim to believe in.

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