Monday, November 22, 2004

Andrew Sullivan: Only Kerry Supporter that Gets It

Andrew Sullivan was removed from my site several months ago when it became clear that he was using his cock as a divining rod--gay marriage trumped everything else (to the point he actually believed that Kerry would be a fiscal conservative and an adept military hawk). But he seems to be gaining his senses in the way a man does after he shoots his wad:
The new conventional wisdom is that the election results were not so much a triumph for right-wing Christians as a more general endorsement for George W. Bush's clear, reassuring cultural presence in a troubled time. How else to explain the nine million extra votes he racked up this time, when only a third of them came from evangelicals? How else to explain the one in five gay voters who went for Bush despite his determination to rob them of civil rights? Or the big gain in Bush votes in, say, New York City?

Well: here's another cultural explanation. A large part of the pro-Bush vote - especially among blue state residents - was a vote against the left elite and the cultural attitudes it represents in the public imagination. It was a vote not so much for Bush or his often religious policies (or even the war on terror), but against the post 9/11 left, against Michael Moore and political correctness and Susan Sontag and CBS News, among a host of others. I have to say that this was the most appealing thing about George W. Bush for me. If he hadn't so obviously screwed up the Iraq war and endorsed a constitutional amendment against gay rights, I would have succumbed myself.
Thanks to Alpha Patriot.

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