Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Cowgirl Blues

Blogging from Sealab 2021 at the bottom of the ocean, GOP & the City has this HILARIOUS post about an interview between John Kerry and Cowgirl Magazine here.

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The Man said...

Let me state that it was a joke for a contest at Kerry HatersHere are the guidelinesSome of Kerry's weirdest gaffes have come as a result of him telling magazines about some exploit of his that particularly suits that source. In Field and Stream, it's Kerry's encounter with a 16-point buck. In Runner's World, it's his first Boston Marathon. When contacted by the Humane Society, he told them the VC the Flying Dog story.
Beginning to see the pattern? Okay, here's the contest. Come up with a John Kerry submission to some magazine, real or imaginary, about some rather incredible incident that Kerry "experienced" that would be of interest to that magazine's readers. For example, in Stamp Collector's Monthly, it could be Kerry's finding of a "Guiana Penny Black" (IIRC, the most valuable stamp in the world) on a letter from home during Vietnam, or in Mountain Climbing World, his ascent of K-2. If you have a blog, blog it and put a link in the comments, if you don't have a blog just post the story in the comments (no three posts in a row rule suspended for this thread only). I'll put up a post tomorrow morning with links to all the blog entries and my selection of the best. Obviously humor helps, a really tall tale helps, and a legitimate magazine helps also.
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