Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Black People Are NOT Idiots!

Check out GOP & the City; Da Man has a great post demonstrating that if a 6 year old can operate a voting machine that the NAACP and democrats cry of disenfrachisement is bullshit.


Anonymous said...

The problem with voting machines is that it takes all users longer to operate them. Resulting in longer lines, especially in urban areas. Lowering voter turnout, disproportionately among blacks.

Thus, voter disenfranchisment.


It has to do with how long they take to operate.

STCA said...

Then why not vote early? Voting is a right, but that doesn't mean the government needs to make it so easy that you fall out of bed in the morning and there's someone there saying, "and your vote is?"

If people will wait in line for 2 days to get a Madonna record, then I think a wait in line to determine the course of history is not too much to ask.

Vote early, vote absentee...there are too many choices to claim voter disenfranchisement.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there is no excuse for any individual (though many work, have kids, don't know they can vote absentee if they're in the state), but each vote relies on the votes of many others. So when thousands of people are discouraged from voting because of long lines, it disenfranchises all those who voted with them.

Voting shouldn't require standing in line for more than an hour. That is unreasonable. Both sides should demand better election mechanics, it will help the process, which will help the country.

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